Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

2 hours from Los Angeles International Airport

Joshua Tree National Park in southeastern California, is a U.S. National Park. Previously a U.S. National Monument since 1936, this park stretches an area of  790,636 acres, where Joshua trees dominate the vast open spaces.

The Mojave Desert has a higher and cooler habitat for the Joshua trees. Besides the Joshua tree forests, some very interesting geologic displays are also found in the western side of the park.

Guests will appreciate the Visitor Center located here, where they can gather information on Wildflower identification, climbing, hiking, birding, geology, stargazing, the native plants and local history.

There are 9 campgrounds in the park, and 3 provide running water and flushing toilets. A nightly fee for each camping spot is required.  Hiking trails in the park can be reached from the campgrounds. Shorter trails offer the opportunity to view the park’s beauty, without wandering off too far. Rock climbers are enticed by Joshua Tree Park, especially in the winter when other parts are snowbound. There is an abundance of climbing trails, at all levels of difficulty.

Amateur astronomers and stargazers have also made this park popular. It is known for its dark skies, free from southern California’s light pollution.

Joshua Park has been the backdrop for many modern pop culture icons. The ‘70’s group, the Eagles shot their album cover at Joshua Tree National Park. Similarly, the rock band U2 named their fifth album, The Joshua Tree. And singer Selena recorded a music video at Joshua Tree National Park.

Joshua Tree National Park is 2.2 hours from Los Angeles Convention Center and 2.5 hours to Port of Los Angeles.


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