Hollywood Walk of Fame

14 miles to Los Angeles International Airport

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a Hollywood landmark recognized around the world. Each year there are twenty-four recipients, and the occasion is broadcast just about everywhere, thus maintaining the Walk of Fame as a high tourist destination.

The Walk is a tribute to those who struggled to keep the idea alive and to keep maintaining this world-class visitor attraction. It consists of 2,600 terrazzo and brass stars inlayed in the sidewalks of fifteen blocks in the heart of Hollywood — 1.3 miles east to west on Hollywood Boulevard from Gower to La Brea Boulevard and three blocks, or 0.4 miles north to south on Vine between Yucca and Sunset Boulevard. The celebrities’ stars become public monuments, literally set in concrete, representing achievement in the film sector. It shows the names of actors, music artists, directors, suppliers, musical and theatrical organizations, imaginary characters, and others who added to the arts. The Walk of Fame is managed by the Hollywood Chamber of Business and maintained by the Hollywood Historical Trust.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame attracts about 10 million visitors every year. This beats the Sunset Strip, TCL Chinese Theater, the Queen Mary, and the Los Angeles Museum Art. It is a main contributor towards producing tourism in a significant industry in Los Angeles County.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is 33 miles Port of Los Angeles and 7 miles to Los Angeles Convention Center.

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